Essies Tea - Now @ reduced prices.

We Believe God provided health giving plants, trees, leaves and grass across the planet. Making these available to humans and animals for the relief of pain and discomfort. Through the years - Since 2003 Essies provided Tea and Herbs to the general public. We received much appreciated reports and references from our clients - Telling us about fantastic cures and/or relief from the many ailments they suffered. Thank You to those who encouraged others to use our products. Please continue sending your letters - Tell us how You benefited; Using Essies Tea and Herbs.

You need Essies Tea - When...

everything Hurts... That which doesn't hurt - Probably doesn't work!
you Feel... like the morning after - But you did not "party".
all Names... in your appointment book - Are prefixed : "Dr".
on Holliday... your energy goes - Before your money.
you Go To... a "gym" - You're exhausted before you get there.
it takes... less time to "tire" - Than to relax.
you Need... to get "spec's" - To find those you cannot find.
your medicine Chest... seems very small - And your house so very large.
you draw a Bath... then wonder, if you had your bath, Or not!