We Believe God provided health giving plants, trees, leaves and grass across the planet. Making these available to humans and animals for the relief of pain and discomfort. Through the years - Since 2003 Essies provided Tea and Herbs to the general public. We received much appreciated reports and references from our clients - Telling us about fantastic cures and/or relief from the many ailments they suffered. Thank You to those who encouraged others to use our products. Please continue sending your letters - Tell us how You benefited; Using Essies Tea and Herbs.

You need Essies Tea - When...

everything Hurts... That which doesn't hurt - Probably doesn't work!
you Feel... like the morning after - But you did not "party".
all Names... in your appointment book - Are prefixed : "Dr".
on Holliday... your energy goes - Before your money.
you Go To... a "gym" - You're exhausted before you get there.
it takes... less time to "tire" - Than to relax.
you Need... to get "spec's" - To find those you cannot find.
your medicine Chest... seems very small - And your house so very large.
you draw a Bath... then wonder, if you had your bath, Or not!