• 3 Product Cancer Combo
3 Product Cancer Combo is made up of Moriga, Sutherlandia and Graviola.

Moringa has been shown in studies to have an anti-tumour capacity. It helps strengthen cells so that they can tolerate chemotherapy. It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are critical for good health. It is loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, protein, vitamin A&C which promote a healthy body that has the tools to fight cancer. It is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-allergenic and pain relief uses. It fights a variety of infections.

Sutherlandia is anti-viral and improves appetite and weight gain. It is an immune stimulator. High levels of GABA, the brain neuro-chemical, which help improve anxiety, stress and depression levels. It help improve CD4 counts of HIV positive people. Sutherlandia dramatically improves the appetite and wasted patients start to gain weight. It improve energy levels and gives an enchanced sense of well-being.

The principal interest in the Graviola plant is because of its strong anti-cancer & anti-tumor effects. The active anti-cancer phytochemical Annonaceous acetogenins has the properties to attack and inhibit specifically some Enzymatic processes that occurs only in the cancer cells’ membranes and while they are toxic to the cancer cells, they do not create any toxicity in healthy cells.


(Super food)
Benefits of continuous Morinqa intake:
  • 1. Increased natural defenses of the body.
  • 2. Provides nourishment to eyes and brain.
  • 3. Promotes metabolism.
  • 4. Promotes cell structure - healed ulcers.
  • 5. Promotes natural serum cholesterol.
  • 6. Lowers appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • 7. Promotes normal functioning of liver and kidneys.
  • 8. Beautifies the skin.
  • 9. Promotes energy.
  • 10. Promotes proper digestion.
  • 11. Acts as an antioxidant and restrict tumours.
  • 12. Protects the immune system of the body.
  • 13. Promotes a healthy circulatory system & blood pressure.
  • 14. It is an anti-inflammatory — arthritis pain.
  • 15. Gives a feeling of general wellness - depression.
  • 16. Supports normal sugar levels of the body.

*Moringa thickens the blood!

Interesting Facts on Moringa:
  • 27% protein
  • 8.5% more protein than yoghurt
  • Rich source ofVitamins B B1 B2 B3
  • 7 times more vitamin C than oranges
  • 16.5 times more calcium than milk
  • 10.5 times more Vit A than carrots
  • 15 times more potassium than Bananas
  • 12 times more lron than spinach


(Cancer bush)
Benefits of continuous Sutherlandia intake:
  • 1. Immune booster in treating HIV/Aids.
  • 2. Improve CD4 counts of HIV positive people.
  • 3. Cancer treatment.
  • 4. Helps to bring down Fever.
  • 5. Healing wounds & Ulcers.
  • 6. Treat:
  • Colds, Flu, Asthma, Backache' TB, Bronchitis, Menstrual symptoms. Rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo-arthritis, Liver problems, Haemorrhoids, Piles, Bladder, Ulterus, Diarrhoea, stomach ailments, Heartburn, Diabetes, Stress, Anxiety, Varicose Veins and Inflammation.

3 Product Cancer Combo

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